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About No Deposit Bonus I've generally already over it written, but hereby like to tell you about my expereience.
My first attempt, if it's really as simple as this, with a No deposit bonus to play, was at Metro Casino. At first, I was already skeptical about such bonuses, but it really worked.
I have given myself as on the page, first registered once, the software free of charge under mr loaded and installed. Then I opened an account and then "stand" I was in the lobby of the online casinos and could start playing. The bonus was then credited to my account. I have almost all the games tested there, such as roulette and video poker .
After I had first einwenig lost, I got my lucky streak, and I have good money won, not everything zuverlieren again, I thought to myself "now can quickly convert into real money and demand" .... let's see if this really works ...
And what can I say, without any problems or hook, I was able to claim the money.
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