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7 tips for players from India


Here are 7 gambling tips for players accessing online casinos from India.

Tip 1

Play only in licensed casinos like this online casino! Valid licensor is eg the EU-state Malta or the British island Alderney. Other licensers such as Costa Rica are not considered serious.

Tip 2

Before you deposit, test the support. For example, ask which documents are needed in the event of a withdrawal. Can the support be played longer than 24h with the response time, better somewhere else.

Tip 3

The casino software, if not yet known, always try in fun mode. This avoids bad surprises afterwards. If you win in fun mode constantly and constantly, the casino is not serious.

Tip 4

If you send a scan to a credit card because you have paid with it, always cover the middle 8 digits. Also on the back, that's very important to cover the 3 digit CV code before scanning.

Tip 5

Even if a high bonus offer appears tempting, everything over 300% is probably provided with conditions that are difficult to fulfill. Better leave the fingers of.

Tip 6

Even if it's fun, you should set a time limit before playing. This prevents uncontrolled losses when it is not running. Also, the Nachzahlen over the original amount to play out should you avoid as far as possible.

Tip 7

Do not play while drinking alcohol. Casinos love drunken gamblers because they deposit much more than originally thought. A coke does it too, then the wine afterwards to toast to the (hopefully) nice profit.